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6 Powerful, easy to consume modules to help you become more confident

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • When does The Confidence Course™ actually start?
    You'll receive access to the course as soon as you sign up. Each module contains between 4-6 trainings.
  • What format are the training materials in?
    The trainings are in video format and can also be listened to via a private podcast feed to make it easy for you to learn on the go. There's also a transcription of each training for those who prefer to read.
  • Will this help me with confidence to market my business + sell my work more consistently?
    When you work on building a solid confidence foundation, it becomes easier to show up as yourself + sell your products/services. Whilst we can't make any guarantees, previous clients who've worked through the exercises in this course have gone on to increase their visibility + make more sales in their business.
  • Is this just for business owners?
    Absolutely not! Whilst business owners can benefit from it, The Confidence Course is for anyone looking to improve their self confidence so they can get what they deserve. This could be a promotion at work, a pay rise, the lifestyle they want, a loving relationship - for example. None of the trainings focus on business strategy.
  • How much time would I need to dedicate to this?
    Each training video is between 5-28 minutes long with exercises for you to complete throughout so you can expect each video to take around 10-45 minutes to complete the first time you work through it. The more accustomed you become to the exercises, the quicker you'll be able to work through them,
  • I'm worried I won't follow through on the modules, how can I be sure to complete it?
    Completing courses is something I struggle with myself so I've purposefully made each module easy to consume by breaking it up into bitesize trainings. The trainings can be listened to via private podcast so you can learn on the go AND there are bonus workbooks to assist you in completing the course. Why not sign up with a friend and work through together?
  • Do you offer an affiliate scheme?
    I certainly do! When you purchase the course, you can choose to become an affiliate and get 30% commission on course sales through your unique link. With just 4 sales, you've made your investment back.
  • What happens once I've signed up + paid?
    Once you've signed up, you'll receive confirmation of your purchase + information on how to access the course.
  • Are there live rounds of the course?
    Not at the moment. The Confidence Course is currently a self paced programme.
  • Ok, I'm 100% ready. What do I do now?!
    Woohoo! Click the button below and get yourself signed up!
  • I have more questions, what can I do?
    No worries friend. Head over to Instagram + drop me a DM: @rebeccalucyh. Alternatively, email Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.